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My 67 Cougar How Do I Fix It ??? 

67 Cougar

This is my 67 Cougar, I have two more 67's and a 68 I plan to restore, one 67 is a maroon standard coupe with a 289 2V and the other 67 is a black GT with a 390 4V. The 68 is gold with a white vinyl top. I also have two parts cars, a 67 and a 68. 

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About this site
Whats here?

I've been collecting information about Cougars that
I have found on the Internet and this site is my way
of sharing. There are two parts to the site, text
and images of mine and a wiki for sharing links and
information I've found. Check the menu at the top,
there's links to parts vendors, Cougar clubs, technical information, and lots more.

About Me

I've owned my Cougar for over 20 years, and I've fixed just about everything on it. My goal for this website is to help answer the questions I've been asked over the years. The Internet is a great resource, I wish I'd had it when I got the car! I live in central Virginia, so the vendors mentioned will be ones I'm familiar with. 

The question asked most often is: How do I fix my car? I can't answer everyone's questions, so I try to point people in the right direction. There are some very good resources on the Internet. The best, most interactive resource is the Classic Cougar mailing list. Check the menu above under Clubs & Sites for the link. There are some very knowledgeable people on the list, and they are always willing to help figure out problems. 

Find a local Cougar Club If you're new to repairing/restoring classic cars, your best bet is to find a local Cougar club. There are clubs in just about every area of North America and a few clubs overseas. These are great for help finding parts, recommending local repair shops and sometimes a helping hand. Check the Cougar Club of America link on the left to find a local club. 

Sequential Taillight problems:  The sequential taillights are one of the unique things about Cougars, but they share some parts with Thunderbirds of the same time.  Most parts are available, and there are also electronic replacement units available.  Vic Yarberry at Cougars Unlimited has parts and a trouble shooting guide.  I have an electronic unit in my car now, I bought it from Vic.  Vic also races a 67 Cougar in vintage races, and knows a lot about Cougar suspensions.

Cougar Events

2006 All-Ford show at Carlisle, PA  Check out my pictures from Carlisle, there's a very nice 68 convertible conversion, and a beautiful red restomod.

Click here to see pictures.

red restomod door

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